With the FanFaves network, you will have the reach of millions of potential fans. Our network is the key to getting your music heard.

Our listeners are worldwide and very diverse, but the majority of them are from North America.

After submission, our curators will get your song in their playlisting backend and will appropriately place your song in one of our many popular playlists. Once this happens, you will receive an email with the playlist name and your position in it.Then it's time to watch the new fans come in!

We cover any and all music genres because of our diverse playlist network

Yes! We do not use botting techniques to promote your track. Your track will grow organically within the FanFaves playlist network with millions of listeners every day.

Yes! All you streams will be elegible for royalties because they are 100% organic.

Yes howerever you will need submit a different order for every song you need to build a campaign for.

Your campaign will run for the desired amount of time you hae chosen in he campaign builder, ou compaigns are weekly and monthly!