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Miguel R.

“ Their service is very legit and quite promising. And whenever I have concerns and problems, they'll get right to it immediately. Would definitely recommend their service!. “

Noah N.

“ Definitely recommended. I got an excellent amount of plays and follows from the campaign and just as importantly the Customer service was quick and always helpful. “

J. Dawson.

“ It took a few days more than expected but once I contacted them on IG, everything started going much smoother and the customer support is pretty decent. “

J. Dawson.

“ It took a few days more than expected but once I contacted them on IG, everything started going much smoother and the customer support is pretty decent. “

Alex W.

“ When I had concerns that the Fan Faves was not performing as I expected she placed me on another playlist right up the top of the playlist. They responded quickly to emails and resolved all issues. “

Avionnnn G.

“ After discovering you guys, I feel now I can just focus on making music and be heard. “

Julia G.

“ We’re incredibly overwhelmed by the support that the platform has provided to us and they have really helped our label reach the next level. “

Charles V.

“ My songs never used to get played but I have good music. When I submitted to Fan Faves it changed my life. “

Liz C.

“ Fast and reliable, we will always come to Fan Favorites for our playlist campaigns. “

Encor Music Group.

“ Their service is great! We've seen terrific results!. “

Alfonso R.

“ It's a great platform that allows you to grow your fanbase organically with support from their playlisting campaign. “

Oliver D.

“ Five stars because they deliver every time with the streams and promotion. “

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Our playlists are grown over time by verified and experienced curators using organic & legitimate methods. We do not endorse the use of any fake streaming tools and strictly prohibit any of our curators from delivering inorganic traffic to our artists. For those reasons, you can expect to receive the best kind of results from our playlists. Results that last.


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If you invite us to your Spotify for Artists, your submission will have guaranteed results. Our curators will make sure your song is ranked high enough on their playlists, to maximize song exposure during the campaign. We want your song to reach as many of our fans as possible through verified playlists. Each playlist goes through rigorous verification methods using data insight platforms.


After submission, our curators will get your song in their playlisting backend and will appropriately place your song in one of our many popular playlists. Once this happens, you will receive an email with the playlist name and your position in it.Then it's time to watch the new fans come in!

We cover any and all music genres because of our diverse playlist network

Yes! We do not use botting techniques to promote your track. Your track will grow organically within the FanFaves playlist network with millions of listeners every day.

Yes! All you streams will be elegible for royalties because they are 100% organic.

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